Image of Lena Nguyen

Lena Nguyen

“This program was an incredible opportunity that introduced me to both professional and academic information that I was unaware of. With help from Esat, I was able to both learn this information and receive an incredible mentor to help support me through my future college and career years.”

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Image of Luke Novak

Luke Novak

“This fellowship was very informational and it was a great opportunity to learn about how to network, plan out steps for future careers, how to land important internships, and generally just brightening our futures. I am very grateful for the lifelong mentors I have gained from this program.”

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Image of Abby Ehrler

Abby Ehrler

“I am so grateful for the knowledge and inspiration that Esat and the rest of the panelists involved provided us through this fellowship! These skills learned and relationships developed will last a lifetime and greatly impact my professional future.”

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Image of Bella Brown

Bella Brown

“This was a wonderful opportunity, and I am thrilled to have been apart of it! I appreciate all of the industry-specific knowledge I received, and would certainly recommend this fellowship to business-minded students.”

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Image of Anabel Kinsey

Anabel Kinsey

“The Bayar Fellowship was deeply impactful in my understanding of how to best progress in the educational and professional fields. I am grateful for having this opportunity to connect with amazing mentors and other like-minded students.”

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