Image of Md Rahman

Md Mahadir Rahman

“The Bayar Fellowship was an amazing program that I had the honor of taking part in and it completely changed my life. Esat was tremendously passionate and knowledgeable, leading us through exercises such as resume building and cold calling that helped us develop our confidence and practical abilities. I gained priceless skills during this fellowship that would help me advance professionally. It was a rewarding experience, and I heartily suggest it to anyone wishing to improve their networking skills and broaden their horizons.”

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Libbey Kwok

“This program is amazing! I learned how to effectively develop my professional development skills like building a resume, a LinkedIn, college admissions, general life skills, and how to stand out. I appreciate that most if not all of the tips and tricks that were covered are not typically taught in schools or during a class. The program runners genuinely care about everybody’s growth and go above and beyond to make sure everybody is supported. I find myself using tips that Esat taught me every day and I will continue to do so in the future!”

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Image of Brianna Calavicci

Brianna Calavicci

“This fellowship has helped me to understand the fundamentals of life, that I need to be successful in the workforce. Esat helped to pair us with mentors to further persue our goals as well. We’ve learned about things like resumes,cold calling, business strategys, loans, etc. Those things were never taught to me in highschool making this fellowship an extremely helpful thing. “

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Image of Neha Yalamanchi

Neha Yalamanchi

“This fellowship was an amazing opportunity that helped teach me various skills in such a short period of time, skills that I will utilize forever. I learned how to professionally network, develop personal and academic skills, and confidently present myself in various settings. Additionally, I gained knowledge of various business tools, which equipped me with valuable skills in financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and project management, empowering me to explore diverse career paths. The professional networking opportunities provided me with meaningful connections and mentors who have imparted valuable advice. The fellowship’s focus on personal growth cultivated vital life skills that will leave me well-prepared for success in both my academic and professional pursuits.”

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Image of Raana Forgah

Raana Forgah

“This fellowship truly taught me so much about the professional and corporate world. It pushed me to think beyond life after college. I learned so much about networking, resumes, and leadership. It was so fulfilling to engage with the other fellows through the breakout rooms and learn from their own experiences. I’ve never been in such a community with ambitious students. The fellowship truly changed my perspective on my present and my future but most of all it taught me so many life lessons that will carry on for a long time.”

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Grace Li

“This fellowship has been an overwhelmingly positive experience, this has definitely left a mark on my life. All of the advice given throughout this program is applicable not just in my professional life but my personal one as well. In this community of likeminded fellows, I was able to learn about the important process of networking, cold calling, and landing internships.”

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