The Vision of the Bayar Fellowship


Many low-income high school students are never taught the importance of business principles and entrepreneurship in improving impoverished and underdeveloped communities.

The development of young business-minded leaders is a crucial first step in increasing financial literacy among under privileged communities and providing avenues for communal growth. Our vision is that by supporting the professional education of young leaders by providing mentorship, curricula, and grants, we are investing in young leaders who will commit themselves to improving, developing, and educating their communities.

Many of our youth leaders are firmly dedicated to improving their communities but are unsure how. Without the guidance and support of experienced individuals, the fervor of young leaders to commit themselves to community service may become futile.

This fellowship is designed to help fill the gap between experience and commitment, and encourage the leaders of tomorrow to understand business principles as they commit themselves to public service.

Regardless of one’s unique academic and professional goals, we believe that having an understanding of fundamental financial and professional principles is an essential first step in achieving their personal goals, developing their communities, and thriving in a professional world.

A common misconception is that having a good understanding of business principles is only relevant to those who wish to pursue a corporate career. This could not be further from the truth. Business knowledge can be utilized in any field by any person; whether you are committed to founding a non-profit, passionate about creating your own start-up, or hoping to start your own medical clinic, fundamental business principles – such as professional communication, networking, and meeting etiquette – are applicable to any field.

We hope that by educating and training young leaders from lower-income backgrounds, we will prepare them to take on academic and professional challenges that currently seem all-too daunting and alien, due to their personal background.