Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am eligible for the Bayar Fellowship?

If you are a student currently attending 9th grade – 12th grade — prior to the summer that fellows get chosen, you are eligible to apply. This includes graduating Seniors.

Can I still benefit from the fellowship if I am not selected for a scholarship?

Absolutely. If you are not selected to be a “scholared” fellowship, you are still eligible to be selected for an “honorary” fellowship. The honorary fellowship provides you with all of the same rewards (mentors, curriculum, coaching) that a scholared fellowship does, aside from the scholarship.

Can I be reminded of the fellowship before the deadline?

Yes, simply fill out this reminder form and you will be reminded a few weeks before the deadline.

How long is the curriculum?

It is at least one week long, but depending on the cohort’s development, it can be up to two weeks long.

What if I am not available for the curriculum period?

No problem. We are happy to accommodate everyone as much as possible. Last year we organized two sessions because some people did not have access to internet at the same time. Depending on your need, we are happy to accommodate when possible.

What if I am not selected to be a fellow?

You are more than encouraged to apply the following year. You can also ask for feedback on how you can improve your application from the previous year.

Do I need to submit a transcript or GPA?

Nope! We believe financial literacy and willingness to become a public servant should not be predicated on your academic performance. Therefore, we invite you to demonstrate your passion in your essay.

Do I need a recommendation letter?

You do not need a recommendation letter.

How do I apply?

You may apply using the link below, or by clicking on any of the “Apply Here!” buttons sprinkled throughout our website. If you run into any issues, feel free to contact us directly.

What are the essay prompts and how long does my essay need to be?

Your essay should be about a page long (~450 words) and you can choose between the two prompts below:


Prompt I: “How significant of a role do you think business and / or public service play in your community? ”

Prompt II: “When was a time your actions had a positive impact on other people?

What is the student profile?

It is embedded in the application form, and it asks for:

1. Your Full Name
2. Your High School Name
3. Your Grade Level
4. Your Anticipated College Study
5. Your Anticipated Career/Job

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