Image of Tommy Brenan

Tommy Brennan

“I truly loved the Bayar Fellowship! I got the chance to really refine my resume, receive advice in preparation for college applications, and work 1-on-1 with a mentor in sociology (my dream major). As I prepare to continue sociology research, I believe the networking skills I acquired through the Bayar Fellowship will play an integral role in achieving internship and mentorship opportunities. I am truly so grateful for the chance to partake in the Bayar Fellowship, and Iā€™m so proud to call myself a Bayar Fellow!”

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Image of Sasha Stanley

Sasha Stanley

“The Bayar Fellowship has given me so much insight about different aspects of business. From Cold Calling 101 to listening to different testimonies from Bayar Fellows alumni about networking, I learned so many new things that I will definitely continue to practice and hopefully share with some of my peers. I wish the program was longer than a week because not only were the sessions very productive to where we would be on the call for 2 hours, I met so many new people that I know I will continue to have connections with in the long run. Personally, I’d like to thank Esat because as the founder of this fellowship, he has done so much for the students from past cohorts and my cohort as well. I am blessed to have gotten this opportunity and I will carry the title as a Bayar Fellow with pride!”

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