Fellowship Recipient Hannah Campbell

Hannah Campbell

“The program was a once in a lifetime experience that puts the fellows in touch with mentors that can advise them in their future aspirations and career fields, connects like-minded high school students and gives them networking opportunities, and teaches subjects (such as investing, drafting a cover letter, and more) that are not available in school. The Bayar Fellowship is insightful and helps nurture students’ curiosity for furthering their knowledge.”

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Fellowship Recipient Gonzalo Alvarado

Gonzalo Alvarado

“First, I want to thank Esat because, in a span of a week, he provided so much knowledgeable information to me and the rest of the fellows. Not only that, but he paired us with mentors that can help us achieve our goals and gave us knowledgeable information on how to network. I feel much more confident not only in reaching out to people and networking, but I feel well-prepared to utilize the skills I learned to achieve my goals.”

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Fellowship Recipient Serra Kazan

Serra Kazan

“I am grateful to have been a part of the Bayar Fellowship program. It has been a great opportunity for me to interact with other students from different institutions. I feel that it has provided me with valuable information for my college and future career.”

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Fellowship Recipient William Bittner

William Bittner

“The in-depth look at how successful people manage their time, money, and even image was invaluable, but what will really stick with me was the chance to interact with incredible peers who I wouldn’t have known existed without the Fellowship. It was empowering to see that we as young people really do have power over our futures.”

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Fellowship Recipient Siva Indukuri

Siva Indukuri

“The Bayar Fellowship has been a wonderful program that taught me valuable skills in networking and career development. Esat does a great job of explaining the in’s and out’s of what it takes to be a successful professional and a productive college student in the future. I 100% recommended this program to anyone who is considering applying!”

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