Image of Keyana Amari Pearman

Keyana Amari Pearman

“The Bayar Fellowship taught me crucial skills needed to advance within my professional career. It was great to learn how to network with people that share similar ambitions. It was very insightful to learn how important creating resumes and cover letters were in obtaining interviews and internships that benefit my career. Overall, I was able to gain fundamental skills that I can implement throughout the rest of my professional life. “

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Image of Guiselle Delgadillo

Guiselle Delgadillo

“I decided to sign up for Bayar Fellowship to gather more knowledge on networking and have mentors guide me through the process of college. Without a doubt, I’ve been able to learn more about resumes, networking & cover sheets from highly intelligent panelists and other fellows in the program. I highly recommend joining and learning about new opportunities during high school/college.”

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Image of Melanie Haro-Cortes

Melanie Haro-Cortes

“Throughout the fellowship, I received insights on how to advance in a professional and educational aspect. Listening and holding conversations with mentors and professionals ignited motivation to advance in my own career. With reliable and meaningful advice, I now feel confident to pursue a career in finance and law.”

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Image of Sumiyah Alexander

Sumiyah Alexander

“I can’t wait to use the fantastic and practical communication skills and advice I received from this class in my forthcoming professional and personal activities. Esat is an outstanding mentor and teacher who was eager to address any queries we had. As a result, he gave us some excellent advice that will surely help me improve my networking abilities. This was an excellent experience all around, and I am looking forward to start applying what I’ve learned in the future!”

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Image of Faith Chin

Faith Chin

“The program helped me a lot with understanding how to build my resumes, and how to connect with others. I’ve always struggled trying to speak to others, and this program helped me a lot in making me break out of my shell.”

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Image of Bella Ford

Bella Rose Ford

“This fellowship granted me numerous skills that I will be able to use throughout many different aspects of my life and I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.”

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