Image of Tarqiya Forgah

Tarqiya Forgah

“Bayar Fellowhship has provided me with unmatched support and has given me vision beyond college. The mentorship provided me with networking skills that I had implemented with different higher ups I encountered during the my internship, and I was able to gain support for my an organization I am developing, genesis.ttr an iniative to get youth more curious about STEM, and gain support for it!”

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Image of Maxx Yung

Maxx Yung

“The Bayar Fellowship offered me an amazing opportunity to expand my network, meeting accomplished fellows and mentors. From this experience, I really think I built a solid foundation for my future professional development. Esat himself was an amazing and helpful leader and mentor who coached all of this year’s fellows in networking, resumes, and financials. To any high school students who haven’t applied for this fellowship, I highly highly recommend this to reap the benefits for your professional careers!”

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Image of Vincent Campanaro

Vincent Campanaro

“My experience with the Bayar Fellowship has been nothing short of incredible. As someone who is about to embark on their college journey, the knowledge I have gained from the fellowship is priceless and I feel deeply thankful for the insights it has given me into forging my career path. From day one, the fellowship has brilliantly highlighted the significance of networking and professionalism for anyone aspiring to thrive in their chosen field, a reality that I deeply appreciate. In just a week, the practical lessons learned were instantly employed in various networking scenarios, improving my interactions and boosting my confidence. What truly sets the Bayar Fellowship apart is its enduring impact. The wisdom and skills acquired are more than mere lessons; they are lifelong companions that will accompany me throughout my educational journey and beyond, into my professional endeavors. The brief yet profound influence of this fellowship on my approach and aspirations leaves me eager to explore the endless opportunities that lie ahead.”

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Christopher Livingston

“This fellowship has opened my eyes up to many avenues that can guide me to making good career-oriented decisions. I’m very grateful to have been accepted and even more happy that programs like this for students getting ready for college. It was really stressful and scary beginning to apply for college, but even more daunting on figuring out just what Iā€™m going to do when I get there. Being in this fellowship has opened up possibilities of networking and mentors that can really help me decide what I want to do in life.”

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Image of David Roche

David Roche

“This fellowship was extremely helpful. The skills I learned make me feel prepared for a professional setting. I am very grateful to Esat for providing us this opportunity to learn corporate skills and gain a mentor. The networking, resume, and college advice has been amazing. I’m very excited to join this outstanding alumni network and connect with more people moving forward!”

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