Image of Cassandra Espinosa

Cassandra Espinosa

“It was a great learning experience I have learn a lot about communication skills and working on a resume for colleges and for job application. I also learn quite a bit on college as a first year to take advantage of thing’s available for you on campus.”

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Image of Parolia Bosso Suraiya Toni

Parolia Bosso Suraiya Toni

“What an amazing experience! The value of what I learned during this week is incommensurable. Thank you to Esat for his efforts and support; I am and I will always be proud of being a Bayar Fellow. From resume to personal values, so many important topics were covered, and I also had the opportunity to learn from great people (e.g. panellists, mentors..) and also from my peers. I strongly recommend this fellowship to any student who wants to make the most of his summer and be prepared for college.”

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Image of Mansi Arora

Mansi Arora

“The Bayar Fellowship changed my outlook on my future. As a child of immigrant parents, I lacked proper instruction on college admissions, important networking advice, resume creating, and more. However, with the help of Mr. Bayar and all the mentors, all the questions I had for my future have been answered and I have gotten so much valuable advice that will last me years. The biggest thank you goes to Esat, the mentors, and all those who aided us on this week-long process.”

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Image of Asia Torres

Asia Torres

“Such a wonderful experience! Very resourceful and helpful to my future! We got the opportunity to speak with real mentors who gave college and career advice!”

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Image of Vishnu Heddese

Vishnu Heddese

“Something I’ve never experienced before. Extremely honored that I was able to learn and observe from vastly experienced professionals in so many different areas. A huge shoutout to Mr. Bayar for bringing all of this together!”

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Image of Millie Dong

Millie Dong

“The program provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about pragmatic materials that you will be able to use outside of academic studies. The student community is overall very wholesome and kind to each other. It is a great experience.”

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