Image of Francisco Ruiz

Francisco Ruiz Bernardino

“It was an amazing opportunity to connect with like minded and motivated individuals. The fellowship gave me the opportunity to learn schools in regards to how to be successful in college, how to network, and how to use these skills to my advantage in the work field. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and the impact it’s had on my life so far.”

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Image of Abel Tatek

Abel Tatek

“The Bayar Fellowship was an abundant source of information that helped me fine-tune my networking skills, internship-landing skills, and more. I am now equipped with the knowledge I need to become an even stronger applicant! For example, Esat showed all of us how to write an amazing cover letter.”

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Image of Aaliyah Irhazi

Aaliyah Irhazi

“I learned a lot of valuable lessons about professionalism and pursuing my goals through this fellowship. I’m incredibly appreciative that I’ve made connections with such wonderful alumni and students. I am now more inspired than ever to help my community thanks to this program. Through this fellowship, I picked up valuable life skills including how to handle my money, write a cover letter, make cold calls, networking, and what to think about when communicating professionally. Thanks to Estat, I now look forward to what the future will bring.”

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Image of Chantal Rodriguez

Chantal Rodriguez

“This program is truly unique and special for young adults from low-income backgrounds. I would have never been able to learn about networking or professionalism this early without this fellowship. I was able to meet professionals and gain so much insight, not only from people like Esat but also from the other fellows. It was a beautiful and welcoming community that I would recommend anyone join.”

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Harris Chen

“The Bayar Fellowship has truly been an amazing experience. As a low-income high school student, I found the program tailored to my interests in a way that made me feel seen and valued. East Bayar, the founder, has been an incredible mentor, selflessly guiding me through college and recruitment processes. The fellowship’s emphasis on financial literacy has provided me with a solid foundation for my future. Moreover, the connections I’ve formed with fellow participants and mentors have created a strong support system that will continue to propel me towards success.”

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