Fellowship Recipient Isabella Ramnath

Isabella Ramnath

“This program opened my eyes on how everything I am doing in high school should be repeated at a higher level in college. However, instead of doing it to get into college I would be doing it to get into a career field and hold my own in the real world. I certainly feel more prepared to be successful in college and afterwards now.”

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Fellowship Recipient Natalie Calderon

Natalie Calderon

“I really enjoyed being a part of the program especially because we were amongst the first people to be a part of it. I loved to be able to connect with people that are in my shoes and come together to discuss and learn material that allows us to become successful. I really appreciate being able to hear from someone first hand in their own experiences and learn and grow from them in order to be as successful as possible in the future.”

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Fellowship Recipient Mahsa Abbasi

Mahsa Abbasi

“I think this program is a very excellent program for students to be informed on how networking works. If I hadn’t found out about this program I’d be very lost on what to do.”

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Fellowship Recipient Wali Mean

Wali Mian

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience being mentored under the Bayar Fellowship. I was exposed to ideas such as resume building, networking, and university preparation. These are concepts that, as a 9th grade student, I would not have access to anywhere else. My mentor and Esat were extremely kind and guided me in a way that allowed me to succeed!”

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Fellowship Recipient Said Akmermer

Said Akmermer

“It was really good. I feel that, with this knowledge, I will be able to land higher internships, know what to write on my resumes, and maybe even go to good colleges to land the jobs of my dreams. That, and the 200 dollars, is definitely going to benefit my student life.”

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