The Two Bayar Brothers

Hello, and thank you for your interest in learning more about The Bayar Fellowship!

We are Yakup and Esat Bayar, two brothers from Houston, Texas. Yakup is a current student at UT Austin, and Esat is a graduate of Harvard University.

As children who grew up with financial burdens, we personally understand the struggles of many children who come from under funded and impoverished communities. 

Fundamental concepts, like “Networking” and “Cold-Calling” – which many of our peers at Harvard and UT Austin had been familiar with for many years – were foreign to us.  We, like many others from low-income backgrounds, were introduced to the world of business and financial knowledge far too late; by developing and honing our understanding of business principles, we were able to better support ourselves and our family, and now we want to also be able to support our community.

We have professional experience in different financial realms of the professional world, and we hope to utilize this knowledge to educate and support others, whatever their ambitions may entail. To learn more about our specific curriculum and what skills we hope to instill in our recipients, you may check out our “About the Fellowship” tab.

In an effort to improve impoverished communities and provide guidance to business-minded young leaders, we created this fellowship to encourage public service, business acumen, and entrepreneurship.

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