Fellowship Recipient Jairus Ching

Jairus Ching

“Esat is an incredible teacher/mentor who introduced me to so many fundamental business skills and concepts that otherwise seemed foreign to me(including networking, investing, cover letters, etc.). He did an amazing job facilitating discussions and walking us step-by-step through every lesson. It was awesome connecting with other like-minded peers who share the same ambitions and learning from them as well. Overall, this was a great experience, and can’t wait to implement what I learned here in my own life.”

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Fellowship Recipient Ezekiel Wells

Ezekiel Wells

“The program provided an excellent opportunity to learn the hoops of navigating the professional world. We received a crash course in networking, how to land internships, and career strategizing for the upcoming years, not to mention the money from the scholarship.”

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Fellowship Recipient Jennifer Guo

Jennifer Guo

“This program gave me valuable insight into not only business principles, but also how to apply them to my own life; helping me thrive and flourish. Esat has not only given me invaluable resources and knowledge to pursue what I want to do, but also the ability and confidence to do so!”

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Fellowship Recipient Gregory Durgin

Gregory Durgin

“Esat is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful people I have ever met. Not only did he provide us with information to help us succeed in the future he also paired us with personalized mentors to help us achieve our goals.”

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Fellowship Recipient Abigail Muller

Abigail Muller

“I can’t begin to say how much I have learned in such a short amount of time. Throughout this week I already find myself using every piece of knowledge Esat has shared with me in my everyday life. The truth of the matter is networking and professionalism is one of the most important assets as a person aiming to be successful in anything. I can’t express how genuinely grateful I am for this opportunity, I will be utilizing and taking this knowledge with me for the rest of my life, education, and professional career. In this short week I have already applied what I have learned to many different networking scenarios and I am excited to see where my new networking and professional skills will take me in the future.”

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Fellowship Recipient Nicole Perdomo

Nicole Perdomo

“This program gave me the opportunity to expand my networking skills, and learn about crucial financial topics like investing. Most importantly, I learned how to prepare for my professional life. Esat was a great mentor who helped us through all the learning process. I would definitely recommend this program to other high school students who are eager to learn more about how to prepare for their future professional life.”

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